DBMS Project on Hardware Store using MySQL and PHP

The Project, Hardware Store is a web based application for selling hardware products online. The application uses HTML for front-end display, PHP scripting language for interacting with database, MySQL Database to store data regarding products and users behavior and Xampp Server.

The application can be used by two kinds of people like manager to manage the products, their prices, photos, etc. and customer to buy products. The application gives the managers powers like remove products, add products, update product, change price, stocks, descriptions and much more while the customers get the power of buying the products, getting the total amount of purchase and billing.

The application is fully optimized shopping website where it can  handle images, total amount of purchase, billing, description, title, price, add to cart, order delivery records, stocks remaining and in normalized form.

DBMS Mini Project Hardware Store Management System

Software Used:

Procedure / Steps to configure project:

  • Download the XAMPP and install and run MySQL and PHPMyAdmin.
  • Download the Source Code(given below) and extract the .rar file.
  • Copy the Source Folder in XAMPP -> htdocs.
  • In browser type -> http://localhost/phpmyadmin and create the following DATABASE in PHPMyAdmin

Create database named hardwarestore

  1. In hardwarestore -> create table as cart -> in cart create column as p_id as primary key.
  2. In hardwarestore -> create table as product-> in product create column as product_id as primary key, product_title, product_img, product_desc, product_stock, product_price.
  3. In hardwarestore -> create table as users -> in users create column as uid as primary key,name, email, password.
  4. Now in your browser type -> http://localhost/hardwarestore where main.php is the homepage where you can edit, add, delete, and update the products.

Note: Remember you can edit your project files in Folder -> XAMPP -> htdocs -> hardwarestore

Click to download free project : Hardware Store Application using PHP and MySQL

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