DBMS Project on Online Shopping Management System

The project, Online Shopping Management System is a web-based application that sells products to customers in very easy and convenient way. The application uses HTML for front-end display, PHP scripting language for interacting with database, MongoDB Database to store data regarding products and users behavior and EasyPHP Server.

The application can be used by two kinds of people like manager to manage the products, their prices, photos, etc. and customer to buy products. The application gives the managers powers like remove products, add products, update product, change price, stocks, descriptions and much more while the customers get the power of buying the products, getting the total amount of purchase and billing.

The application is fully optimized shopping website where it can  handle images, total amount of purchase, billing, description, title, price, add to cart, order delivery records, stocks remaining and in normalized form.

DBMS Mini Project Online Shopping Management ER-Diagram
ER Diagram

Features: Clean separation of various components to facilitate easy modification and revision. 

All the data is maintained in a separate file to facilitate easy modification. 

All the data required for different operations is kept in a separate file. 

Quick and easy saving and loading of database file.

Database Design Model / Tables and Columns names: 

  1. LOGIN table contains user, pass, fname, lname, address, pincode, phone
  2. ORDER_DETAILS table contains buyer fname,buyer lname,buyer address,buyer pincodebuyer phone,buyer purchase pro_id, buyer purchase pro_name,delivery date,purchase date,buyer purchase pro_price
  3. PAYMENT table contains buyer fname,buyer lname,buyer address,purchase date,buyer phone,buyer purchase pro_id,buyer purchase pro_name,buyer purchase pro_price,buyer pincode
  4. PRODUCT table contains product id,product name,product desc,product price,product stock,product image

Concept Used:


Software Used:

  • MongoDB Database

Click the link to download the Project for Free: Online Shopping Application

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