PHP and MySQL Project for Client Server Validation Form

This is the simple project for validation where PHP is a server side scripting language. We have made connection using PHP to MySQL Database. The project consist of Registration ,Update and Login Form. The users is registered using registration form where PHP checks the inputs and validate the input and insert into database. The login form is used to login in website and display the content. Login form interact with MySQL Database to ensure the right user is logged in. If the user input is wrong the scripting language will throw exception and error. The update form is used to update the data in MySQL database.

Languages used for creating the project:

  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML

Click the link to  download the source code: PHP MySQL Client server Validation

This project was contributed by Aadil Shaikh. If you like to contribute or advertise on our website we reccomend you to write an article on the link provided below and you will see your article on our website

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