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Debian vs Arch Linux

Published 6th June 2022 by Amitrakshar | Category: Linux

Hey there guys, I hereby bring to you a new series of blogs that will be totally based on different Linux distros. From the time that I have been using Linux in the partition to the time that I completely removed Windows and migrated entirely to Linux, I have been a huge fan. I can’t […]

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Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications(URLLC)

Published 4th June 2022 by Amitrakshar | Category: 5G, Computer Networks

Hey there guys, today we are going to learn about another service being provided by the new 5G Internet Technology. Before proceeding further, it is advisable that the readers go through my previous blog here. What is URLLC? URLLC (ultra-reliable low-latency communication) is one of several types of use cases enabled by the 5G New […]

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Introduction of Theory of Computation

Published 28th May 2022 by [email protected] | Category: Theory of Computation

Automata theory (also known as Theory Of Computing) is a computer science and mathematics theoretical area that focuses on the logic of computation in the context of fundamental machines or automata.Scientists can utilize Automata to discover how machines solve problems and calculate functions. Automata Theory’s main purpose was to provide tools for both describing and […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Django Framework For Your Project

Published 23rd May 2022 by H Sayyed | Category: Django Tutorial

Django is a popular framework for creating web-based applications. It is the main priority among the developers for constructing extremely web apps with a continually rising audience. The framework is easy to understand and use and quick, dependable, adaptable, and scalable. Django has a significant and active contributor community, and it can help you accomplish […]

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Enhanced Mobile Broadband(eMBB)

Published 15th May 2022 by Amitrakshar | Category: 5G, Computer Networks

Hey there, today we are going to learn about another service provided by the 5G cellular technology, eMBB. If you guys haven’t read about mMTC, make sure to read my previous blog here. eMBB eMBB or Enhanced Mobile BroadBand is a service meant for use cases that require very high bandwidth and ultra-low latency. Now, […]

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Massive Machine-Type Communications in 5G

Published 12th May 2022 by Amitrakshar | Category: 5G, Computer Networks

Hey there, today we are going to learn about a special kind of service provided by the brand new 5G cellular technology. This service is known as Massive Machine-Type Communication or popularly abbreviated as, mMTC. It has broad applications in the market of IoT devices and thus, caters to the segment of home and industry […]

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Indexing in DBMS

Published 9th May 2022 by [email protected] | Category: DBMS

Indexing is a technique for improving database efficiency by reducing the number of disk accesses necessary while a query is completed. It is a data structure strategy for fast locating and accessing data in a database. A few database columns are useful to generate indexes. The first column is the Search key, which contains a […]

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Long Term Evolution and New Radio

Published 8th May 2022 by Amitrakshar | Category: 5G

Hey there, today we are going to learn a major topic about the differences between LTE and NR. We have come across the term LTE very often. We even see a sign as VoLTE near our signal indicator on our smartphones. So, it is very important to know about the comparison of LTE with the […]

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Monitoring the Network Bandwidth using Open Source tools

Published by Amitrakshar | Category: 5G, Computer Networks

Hey there, today we are going to delve into a very interesting topic, which I think everybody should know about. Before moving on to the main topic, let me explain a little bit about “What is Network BandWidth?” What is Network Bandwidth? Network Bandwidth is the maximum capacity of a wired or wireless communications link […]

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Concurrency Control in DBMS

Published 7th May 2022 by [email protected] | Category: DBMS

Concurrency Control is concerned with the interleaved execution of several transactions. In the following article, we will define transaction and schedules in Concurrency Control. Transaction in Concurrency Control A set of logically related operations is basically the transaction. The main operations of a transaction are , read, write, commit and rollback.Basic properties of a transaction […]

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