Django with Tinymce Text Editor Integration

Learn Django tinymce text editor. In this tutorial, you will learn Django tiny MCE editor. We use the editor in the admin page of Django to add data into our database models using the Tiny MCE editor. Like RichTextFeild. Requirements : The tinymce package for the django is available here pip install django This command… Continue Reading »

Paytm payment gateway integration in Django

In this blog, I am going to show how to integrate Paytm payment integration in Django. In order to integrate payment integration you need to have an ecommerce project, so make sure you have one. If not, then you can get the source code of an ecommerce website from my git repository and clone it.… Continue Reading »

How to Add Pagination in Django Website

Pagination is the most basic and important of any website. Pagination greatly improves the user experience. With pagination, user can escape from scrolling the long list of contents. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to add pagination to our Django website. And doing this in Django is very easy (I promise!). Ready to start? Project… Continue Reading »

Upload Multiple Images in Django

There would be many situations where we are in need of uploading multiple images. Django, though doesn’t provide this facility out-of-the-box, we still can do this with a simple modification. So, in this tutorial we’ll learn how to upload multiple images (Can be files too!) at a time in Django. Project Setup Let’s make a… Continue Reading »