DRF can handle complex routing scenarios in Django through advanced techniques. Its built-in tools and features make it a powerful API-building tool for handling different requests and responses.

Nested Routing:

DRF can nest routers to handle complex relationships between resources.

A nested router can map to comments for a particular blog post.

This is a powerful feature of DRF.

This makes it easy to manage related resources and to handle requests to these resources in a structured way.

Custom Routing:

In cases where DRF does not provide standard CRUD operations for certain requests, custom routes can be defined using regular expressions to match specific URLs. For example, a route can be created to match a specific date format for a blog post, which would enable retrieval of posts created on a particular day.


Viewsets group related views and define the actions that one can perform on them. DRF offers various types of viewsets, such as ModelViewSet, designed to handle standard CRUD operations, and ReadOnlyModelViewSet, designed to handle read-only operations. You can also customize viewsets to manage more complex scenarios, like custom queries or filters.


You can add mixins to views or viewsets to extend their capabilities in a reusable manner.DRF provides a number of built-in mixins, such as RetrieveModelMixin.Which allows you to retrieve a single object based on its primary key, and ListModelMixin, which allows you to retrieve a list of objects based on a set of query parameters. You can also create your own custom mixins to add specific functionality to your views.

Overriding Default Methods:

DRF provides default methods for handling requests, but sometimes you may need to override these methods to handle more complex scenarios. For example, you might need to override the create method to perform additional validation or to create related objects at the same time. You can do this by subclassing the appropriate view or viewset and providing your own implementation of the method.

You can use advanced routing techniques such as Nested Routers, Custom Routing, Viewsets, Mixins, and Overriding Default Methods to create powerful, flexible APIs that handle complex routing scenarios in Django Rest Framework. These techniques enhance the functionality and versatility of your APIs.

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