Category: Machine Learning

Erosion of an Image Using OpenCV-Python

Hi there, today we will be talking about something interesting as well as simple : Erosion of an Image Using OpenCV module in Python. An image has many features (for example:- edge, contrast etc.). Erosion is one of the fundamental operations in morphological image processing. This operation basically erodes away the boundaries of foreground object.… Continue Reading »

Creating a Decision Tree using the ID3 Algorithm

We have often used decision tree algorithm for classification in our Machine Learning Model. But have you ever think about how this decision tree works or what is the algorithm behind it? In this blog, we will be Creating a Decision Tree using the ID3 algorithm, which is one of the algorithms used to create… Continue Reading »

Free Hosting Server For Website Project

Are you looking for Free Web Hosting for your Web Application Projects? And your answer is YES. Then this article is for you, where you will learn to host website for completely free. Using this tutorial, you will learn to host web app made in Django, Flask, GoLang, React, NodeJS, Docker, PHP, WordPress, etc. You… Continue Reading »

Linear Regression Machine Learning Project for House Price Prediction

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Machine Learning Linear Regression Model using Python. You will be analyzing a house price predication dataset for finding out the price of a house on different parameters. You will do Exploratory Data Analysis, split the training and testing data, Model Evaluation and Predictions. What is… Continue Reading »