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Semaphores in Operating Systems

Last updated on 19th March 2022 by [email protected] | Category: Operating System

Here, we are going to learn about semaphores in operating systems. Before this, I would request to go through process synchronization first. Dijkstra proposed the semaphore in 1965. It is a highly important technique for managing concurrent activities using a basic integer value called a semaphore. The term “semaphore” refers to an integer variable that […]

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Process Synchronization in Operating System

Last updated on 20th February 2022 by [email protected] | Category: Operating System

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about process synchronization in operating systems. Process synchronization is a strategy for coordinating processes that make use of common data. In an operating system, there are two types of processes. Independent Process – A process that does not impact or get affected by another process while it is […]

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