Top 5 AI-Based Summary Generators for Students and Bloggers

Technology has brought us many innovative solutions to writing challenges with only a few clicks. The same challenges are faced by writers who find it difficult to write summaries or conclusions for their essays.

With the help of AI-based summary generators, students and bloggers can quickly generate summaries in just a few clicks. These tools are programmed to extract essential points from the text to generate its concise version. The results from these tools are perfectly accurate, covering the primary keyword for an optimized summary generation.

But several options are available online for summary-generating tools and demonstrating each to find the best one may require a lot of time. Therefore, we have presented a selection of top AI-based summary generators which will help students and bloggers to generate accurate results.

5 Best AI Summary Generators

The AI-based summary generators are based on NLP technology, giving more accurate results than manual writing. Here we have mentioned the best AI-based summarizing tools which can be accessed online from any device that supports a web browser.

  1. Summarizing Tool
Top 5 AI-Based Summary Generators for Students and Bloggers

This summarizing tool is the correct example of a freeware tool that presents many premium options without spending a single buck. It allows you to select language, adjust the summary length, and upload document files containing the text you wish to summarize.

What are its Features?

The generated summary can be classified further into three different formations. You can choose the general paragraph style, best lines, and bullet points to state the summary. These options make this tool versatile for writing definitions, conclusions, and critical issues.

The best part about using this tool is that word count is no limit. So, this online tool would be the best option for students and bloggers, whether you are posting a research thesis or a lengthy blog post.

  1. Text Summarizer by Prepostseo

If you are looking for advanced summarizing options, then text summarizer by Prepostseo would be the perfect option. This online tool gives you several features for summarizing academic and blogging content. In addition to that, it is free to access without login or registration restrictions.

What are its Features?

This online tool allows you to summarize content by percentage or words. It also gives you a special filter to format content in bullet or sentence form. Moreover, you can summarize content in a range of languages.

Once the summary is generated, it will present results in the output box. You can further choose to download the results as a text file. All these services are available from this tool for free.

  1. Summary tool by EditPad
Top 5 AI-Based Summary Generators for Students and Bloggers

The summary tool by EditPad is the most efficient and easy-to-use tool for summarizing academic and blogging content. The interface of this online tool is easy to understand, even for first-time users. It brings all the options in one place to summarize, requiring only a few clicks to generate a conclusion, summary, or introduction for a blog post.

What are its Features?

This tool supports a range of languages and gives you the liberty of word count, so you will not have to worry about any limitations. Once the summary is generated, you can choose to download the text as a text file or copy it directly from the clipboard. Moreover, this tool is free to access without daily or monthly usage restrictions.

  1. Summari
Top 5 AI-Based Summary Generators for Students and Bloggers

The Summari is an online summarizing tool that works on a different principle than the typical summarizing tool. It gives the option to summarize content via URL, making it easy to use without pasting the bulky content in the interface.

What are its Features?

This tool allows you to summarize text 2 times per month and requires paid access for further usage. The tool is pretty efficient when it comes to generating results. However, it limits the usage for academic writers as there is no option to upload document files or paste content directly.

The results generated from this tool are unique and precisely encapsulated with all the necessary information. But the tool is not entirely free to use either, so you may have to stay within the 2 days limit.

  1. Text Summarizer by Tomedes
Top 5 AI-Based Summary Generators for Students and Bloggers

The Text Summarizer by Tomedes offers you multiple options to summarize text regarding content input. This AI-based text summarizer can convert thousands of words into a concise and accurate conclusion with a single click.

What are its Features?

This tool is easy as you can enter the URL or paste the content directly in either field. Your summary will be generated with a comparison from the original text with just one click. Moreover, it supports a wide range of languages to choose from. However, it lacks the option to set the summary length, but it is free to access for both academic and blog writers.


Text summarization is a process that requires precision and detail attention. It may seem easy for academic writers and bloggers to compile some information in an extensive word count. However, it is challenging to write concisely, which is also considered precis writing.

With the help of an AI-based summarizing tool, you can generate summaries and conclusions more precisely. These tools are pre-programmed to deliver unique and error-free content, making them an ideal choice for many writers. We hope this article provided you with quality information about the features and usage of summarizing tools.