Here, we will learn about computer networks. Multiple devices, also known as hosts, that are connected via multiple channels for the purpose of sending and receiving data or media. Computer network can also comprise a variety of devices or mediums that help two or more machines communicate; these are Network devices, for example, routers, switches, hubs, and bridges, among other things.

Computer Networks Articles :

  1. Basics of Computer Networking
  2. Computer Network Models (Here, we are going to know about computer network models.)
  3. Physical Layer in OSI Model (The Physical Layer in the OSI Model, which is basically a physical and electrical representation of the system, is the lowest layer.)
  4. Data Link Layer in OSI Model (learn about data link layer in OSI. The data link layer is the second layer from the bottom)
  5. Network Layer in OSI Model (The network layer(Layer 3) is generally in charge of delivering data packets from source to destination through numerous hops (nodes).)
  6. Transport Layer in OSI Model (learn about transport layer in OSI model.)
  7. Application Layer in OSI Model (learn about application layer in OSI model. In the OSI model, the application layer is basically the layer closest to the end user.)
  8. Multiplexing (know about Multiplexing in computer networks.)
  9. Error Detection (learn about error detection in computer network.)
  10. Error Correction (learn about error correction in computer network.)