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Welcome to Django Tutorial for beginners and experts, an approach to learning web-development with Django Web Framework. In this tutorial, you will be progressively building more advanced and complex web applications and API’s. This tutorial will help you to get deep knowledge of Django Framework and Python Programming Language. You will be becoming an expert to make your own custom model, email integration in Django, foreign keys, authorization, permissions, middleware, templates, forms, views, and much more stuff. You will be also learning Django ORM to play with Database like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL with even no knowledge of SQL queries.

By the end of this tutorial, you should feel confident creating your own Django Projects from scratch and even start your own startup and personal projects.

Create Text to HTML converter using Django template

Have you ever wondered to write just simple text in a text editor and got a html code for it something similar to text to html converter. It would be amazing that you can write an HTML code without actually writing it. Being a part of the technical field we have to learn a programming… Continue Reading »

Email OTP Verification Form using AJAX and Django Template

Django OTP Verification on Email and Phone – Two Factor Authentication in Django. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a Registration Form for User Signup and simultaneously verifying email using AJAX. Without verifying the OTP user cannot fill up the form. You can also find this tutorial code on GitHub. Let’s get… Continue Reading »

Free Hosting Server For Website Project

Are you looking for Free Web Hosting for your Web Application Projects? And your answer is YES. Then this article is for you, where you will learn to host website for completely free. Using this tutorial, you will learn to host web app made in Django, Flask, GoLang, React, NodeJS, Docker, PHP, WordPress, etc. You… Continue Reading »

Creating a Resume ChatBot using Chatterbot and Flask.

What is ChatBot? A chatbot is a computer program that simulates a conversation between a human user and a computer. It can act as a virtual assistant to customers of the business website. Basically, a chatbot is a computer program specifically trained for imitating the way humans converse about a particular topic. Using Chatbot we… Continue Reading »

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration With Django

In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how tointegrate ‘Stripe Payment Gateway’ into our django project. Stripe payment gateway will facilitate one time payment on our django website. Here in this tutorial, we will see how to integrate a payment gateway using the Stripe API in your Django Project. The finished code for this tutorial can be… Continue Reading »

Django Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration Tutorial


Here in this tutorial, we will see how to integrate a payment gateway using the Razorpay API in your Django Project. The finished code for this tutorial can be found here(Github). We also made a video on this- Also if you want to check a tutorial on Paypal’s integration, we have a blog on that… Continue Reading »