Convert a Django QuerySet to a List

In Django, developers often encounter scenarios where they need to convert QuerySets to lists for various operations and manipulations. Understanding the process of converting Django QuerySet to a list is crucial for efficient data handling. In this blog, we will explore different methods and best practices to perform this conversion.

Introduction to Django QuerySet

A QuerySet in Django represents an collection of objects from your database. While QuerySets have their utility, sometimes you might need to convert them to lists for further processing. Let’s delve into the techniques to achieve this conversion:

1. Basic Conversion using the list() function

The list() function in Python can be used to convert a QuerySet to a list. Heres how you can do it:

queryset_list = list(MyModel.objects.all())

2. Converting specific fields using values_list()

If you need a list of specific fields from a QuerySet, you can use the values_list() method. For instance:

name_list = list(MyModel.objects.values_list('name', flat=True))

3. Using list comprehension for custom transformation

List comprehension can be beneficial when you need to transform the QuerySet data before converting it to list:

custom_list = [ for item in MyModel.objects.all()]

4. Converting QuerySet values to a list of dictionaries

To convert QuerySet values to a list of dictionaries, you can use the values() method:

queryset_values = list(MyModel.objects.values())

5. Applying values() with specific fields for dictionary lists

If you want specific fields in dictionaries within the list, you can utilize values() with specific field names:

specific_values = list(MyModel.objects.values('field1', 'field2'))


Converting a Django QuerySet to a list is common practice that allows developers to manipulate and process data more efficiently. By utilizing techniques like list() function, values_list(), list comprehension, and the values() method, you can seamlessly convert QuerySet objects into lists according to your specific project requirements. Having strong grasp of these methods will enable you to handle Django QuerySets effectively and streamline your data management processes.