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Django comes with a Built-In Authentication System. It can handle user Authentication and Authorization. It verifies who is the user and what are the rights and permission to the user. Using Django Authentication System we can build User Sign Up Registration Module, Login Logout Web App, Restrict User to View, Password Reset and Change, Groups and Permissions. You can also extend user authentication model.

Protect Django Project From Getting Attacked

In this tutorial we will learn how to your protect django settings.py file of your project from being subjected to any attack. You can also find the code on GitHub. So, let’s start. Setting up Django Project We will first create a Django Project. You can refer our previous blogs in order to create a… Continue Reading »

Django Automated Email Template After User Registration

Learn How to send Html Template mails after user registration. This tutorial will explain how to config “from mail” and how to use an HTML template. As mail content(body). You’ll also learn how to make user registration in Django. Django Automated Template Email, After User Registration. full tutorial. Configuring the email in Settings.py Django Django… Continue Reading »

How to create more than one user SignUp in Django?

We have often visited websites such as school websites, banking websites and so on, where there are different signup forms for different users. We came across some of our projects in which we wonder how to create more than one user signup in django ?, because in Django we know that there is only one… Continue Reading »

Easy REST Authorization:Django JSON Web Token

JSON Web Token better known as JWT is a JavaScript based system to provide encryption and authorization for any Web App using JavaScript or any of its Frameworks like NodeJS. The following article explains how JWT works along with a basic tutorial explaining its integration with Django Rest Framework. How JWT works? JWT is a… Continue Reading »

How to Extend Django User Model

How to Extend User Model - Proxy Model | One-To-One Link | AbstractBaseUser | AbstractBase

Extending user model using a one-to-one link, how to extend django user model, extends user model django, extend django user model, abstractbaseuser django example, extend django, extending the user model django, django extends user model. Django’s built-in authentication system is excellent. We can use it out-of-the-box, which can result in saving a lot of development… Continue Reading »

How to Signup User and Send Verification Email in Django

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Registration Form for User Signup. We’ll add more functionality by adding validation and sending a confirmation link on users’ email. With confirming account user cannot sign in. You can also find this tutorial code on GitHub. Django registration with confirmation email. Django-registration send activation email. Learn… Continue Reading »