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Django comes with a Built-In Authentication System. It can handle user Authentication and Authorization. It verifies who is the user and what are the rights and permission to the user. Using Django Authentication System we can build User Sign Up Registration Module, Login Logout Web App, Restrict User to View, Password Reset and Change, Groups and Permissions. You can also extend user authentication model.

How to Extend Django User Model

How to Extend User Model - Proxy Model | One-To-One Link | AbstractBaseUser | AbstractBase

Django’s built-in authentication system is excellent. We can use it out-of-the-box, which can result in saving a lot of development and testing time. It is extremely safe and fits most of the use cases. But sometimes we need to extend some functionalities so to fit our Web application. Commonly you want to store some more… Continue Reading »

How to Signup User and Send Confirmation Email in Django

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a Registration Form for User Signup. We’ll add more functionality by adding validation and sending a confirmation link on users’ email. With confirming account user cannot sign in. You can also find this tutorial code on GitHub. For example, we will be using the project in which… Continue Reading »

How to Create Sign Up / Registration View in Django

In this tutorial, we will learn how to create Sign Up or Registration Form in Django for User Registration. We will be using UserCreationForm which is an in-built form for User Registration. User Sign Up can be created by the third person or by self. Both the strategics can be achieved by this tutorial. You… Continue Reading »

Django Change Password & Reset/Forgot Password Built-in

In this short tutorial, I will explain how to use Change Password and Reset or Forgot Password Functionality in Django. The process for Password Reset involves sending emails. For that matter, we are going to use console email backend and check if everything is functioning. Follow this tutorial how to send email using SMTP Email… Continue Reading »

How to use Built-In Login and Logout Authentication System in Django

Django is a High-Level Web Framework and it has lots of built-in features. We can use those built-in functions for our common use of Web Application. Some of the functions are Permission and User Control, Signals, Templates, Django ORM, Access Control List, etc. Out of this Registration App, is a good example and a good… Continue Reading »