Troubleshooting “No module named pkg_resources” in Python

When working with Python and its package management system, pip, you might encounter an error that says “No module named ‘pkg_resources’.” This error typically occurs when there a issue with your Python environment or package dependencies. In this blog post, we’ll explore the causes of this error and provide steps to resolve it.

Understanding the pkg_resources Error

The “No module named ‘pkg_resources'” error usually indicates that the pkg_resources module, which is part of setuptools package, is missing or corrupted in your Python environment. pkg_resources is essential for managing package distributions so this error can prevent you from using many Python packages and tools.

Causes of the “No module named pkg_resources”

  1. Missing setuptools: The most common cause is that the setuptools package, which includes pkg_resources, is not installed or is outdated.
  2. Virtual Environments: If you’re working in a virtual environment, it’s possible that the environment is not properly set up or activated.
  3. Python Version Mismatch: The error might also occur if you’re using a different version of Python than the one used to install packages.

Solutions to Remove Error of pkg_resources

Let’s explore how to resolve the “No module named ‘pkg_resources'” error based on the possible causes:

1. Install or Upgrade setuptools

The simplest solution is to ensure that setuptools is installed and up-to-date. You can do this using pip:

pip install --upgrade setuptools

This command will install or update setuptools, which should include the pkg_resources module.

2. Check Virtual Environment

If you using virtual environment, make sure it’s correctly set up and activated. Activate your virtual environment using:

On Windows:


On macOS and Linux:

source venv/bin/activate

Replace venv with the name of your virtual environment if it’s different.

3. Python Version Compatibility

Ensure that you using the same version of Python for your environment and installed packages. sometimes, multiple Python installations can cause conflicts. Verify your Python version with:

python --version

Make sure it matches the Python version associated with your virtual environment or your global Python installation.

4. Reinstall Affected Packages

If the error is specific to particular package, you can try reinstalling it to fix any potential issues. For example, if you’re getting the error when using a package named example_package:

pip uninstall example_package
pip install example_package

5. Recreate the Virtual Environment

In case you suspect that your virtual environment is corrupted, you can recreate it. First deactivate the current virtual environment:


Then, create a new virtual environment and install required packages again

6. Environment Cleanup

If none of the above solutions work, you might need to clean up your Python environment entirely. Remove any virtual environments, reinstall Python, and then set up fresh environment.


The “No module named ‘pkg_resources'” error can be frustrating, but its typically caused by issues related to package management in Python. By following steps outlined, you should be able to resolve error and get back to working with your Python projects and packages without any issues