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How to download Videos from YouTube using Python?

YouTube is an very popular online video sharing and social media website which was launched on February 14, 2005. Video downloading from YouTube is pretty tough. From Python we can easily download Videos from YouTube using Python library Pytube.Pytube is a lightweight, Pythonic, dependency-free, library where we can download videos from YouTube.Pytube is not a… Continue Reading »

Django Automated Email Template After User Registration

Learn How to send Html Template mails after user registration. This tutorial will explain how to config “from mail” and how to use an HTML template. As mail content(body). You’ll also learn how to make user registration in Django. Django Automated Template Email, After User Registration. full tutorial. Configuring the email in Settings.py Django Django… Continue Reading »

Creating a Resume ChatBot using Chatterbot and Flask.

What is ChatBot? A Resume chatbot is a computer program that simulates a conversation between a human user and a computer. It can act as a virtual assistant to customers of the business website. Basically, a chatbot is a computer program specifically trained for imitating the way humans converse about a particular topic. Using Chatbot… Continue Reading »

Django Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration Tutorial


Here in this tutorial, we will see how to integrate a payment gateway using the Razorpay API in your Django Project. The finished code for this tutorial can be found here(Github). We also made a video on this- Also if you want to check a tutorial on Paypal’s integration, we have a blog on that… Continue Reading »

Django Paypal Payment Gateway Integration Tutorial

This blog tutorial will teach you how to integrate a client-side payment gateway using the PayPal API, in Django. The finished code for this tutorial can be found on GitHub. If are into video tutorials, check out this quick and easy YouTube video! STEP 1 – SETUP Okay so first we’ll quickly set up our… Continue Reading »

Easy REST Authorization:Django JSON Web Token

JSON Web Token better known as JWT is a JavaScript based system to provide encryption and authorization for any Web App using JavaScript or any of its Frameworks like NodeJS. The following article explains how JWT works along with a basic tutorial explaining its integration with Django Rest Framework. How JWT works? JWT is a… Continue Reading »

Fewer Constraints over Many Constraints-Django REST Framework CRUD

Learn how you can develop a back-end in Django once and then use it on as many platforms as you want without any customization using the Django REST Framework. REST framework has had back end developers flocking to it ever since Flickr launched its own REST API in August of 2004. Due to the simple… Continue Reading »

How to Connect PostgreSQL Database in Django Project

Learn how to connect a PostgreSQL database with Django App. Django is the most popular web development python framework. It is an open-source web framework and since it is written in Python programming language it is backed by a strong community of programmers. It allows for scalability, re-usability, and rapid development. PostgreSQL is a powerful,… Continue Reading »