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Best Python Tutorial for Beginners and Software Developers. This Tutorial will you to learn python in a very easy and interactive way with lots of examples and video tutorials.

Working with PDF Files in Python

We all are familiar with pdf files. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and its file extension is “.pdf”. We use it in our daily lives knowingly or unknowingly, for eg. you get your book or certificate downloaded from the internet they are mostly in pdf format and in the current scenario after the COVID… Continue Reading »

How to Create a Digital Clock Using Turtle-Python

Time flies. To keep track of it, one of the greatest invention was the clock. We have come a long way transforming from the analogue clock to the digital clock, with a more versatile functionality. Is it not great to build your own digital clock from scratch? Don’t worry, your dream will come true in… Continue Reading »

Integrating FaceBook Like and Comment in Our Django Web Application

Facebook Integrations in Django In this article, I will show you how you can integrate Facebook likes and Comment in Our Django Web Application. Integrating FaceBook Like & Comment in Our Django Web Application has become so much easy that every beginner progammer can do it. So before starting, I am assuming that you have… Continue Reading »

Cartoonify an Image Using OpenCV-Python

Cartoons are something that everyone likes whether you are a child of 10 years or an adult of 40 years. What if I tell you, it’s possible to cartoonify an image of yours all by yourself by just writing a few lines of python code, wouldn’t it be awesome. Let’s get started. Cartoonify an Image… Continue Reading »

Getting Started with Turtle Programming in Python

Hi there, today we will be talking about something interesting as well as simple. In this tutorial we will understand what the python turtle module is and will learn about turtle programming in python in detail. So, let’s get started. Requirements Basic knowledge of python(go through Learn Python Tutorial) . We can use any ide… Continue Reading »

How To Use Pandas Library in Django

Learn how to use pandas in Django. In this tutorial, you will learn how to use pandas in Django data. And convert a query set of data into a Data frame. Like how you convert a CSV data file into a Data Frame. And perform the data science operation right away in Django Views. Requirements… Continue Reading »

Blurring an Image Using OpenCV-Python

Hi there, today we will be talking about something interesting as well as simple : How to Blur an Image Using OpenCV module in Python. An image has many features (for example:- edge, contrast etc.). A blurred image is really smooth that means the edges are not observed here. Blurring an image has many benefits… Continue Reading »

Display Images in Tkinter Using Labels

Before understanding how to display images in Tkinter using labels? Let’s have a sneak peek about Python GUI first. In python there are various methods for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Most Common used are:- Tkinter – It is Python Standard GUI Framework, open source and simple. Kivy – It is open source, supports multiple… Continue Reading »

How to Create Your Own Voice Recorder Using Python

Voice recorders are used by many people for many purposes like: for recording songs, recitations and many more. But finding the perfect voice recorder may be difficult. So why not build our own voice recorder . A few lines of code can be used to make our own voice recorder. So let’s get started right… Continue Reading »