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Creating a Resume ChatBot using Chatterbot and Flask.

Last updated on 23rd November 2021 by Sunanda Somwase | Category: Data Science & ML, Django Tutorial

What is ChatBot? A Resume chatbot is a computer program that simulates a conversation between a human user and a computer. It can act as a virtual assistant to customers of the business website. Basically, a chatbot is a computer program specifically trained for imitating the way humans converse about a particular topic. Using Chatbot […]

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Create Web Based ChatBot in Python, Django, Flask

Last updated on 16th November 2021 by H Sayyed | Category: Python Tutorial

Learn how to create Chatbot in Python. I this tutorial, we will use Chatterbot Library for creating the chat bot. We will use Flask Framework for deploying the chatbot on web. This tutorial change be used with Django also. Every Chatbot has a theme. Our chatbot is going to Answer the Questions of User of […]

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