Convert Django Model to Dict with 3 Methods

Learn how to easily convert Django model instances or objects into dictionaries for better data management and flexibility in Django projects. Discover the efficiency of converting Django model queryset objects to dictionary using the versatile ‘model_to_dict’ (model to dict) function and two other different methods

Using Python’s Dictionary Comprehension

One of the most straightforward methods to convert a Django model object to a dictionary with all fields is by using a dictionary comprehension.:

Step 1: Import Your Model: Ensure you’ve imported the model you want to work with in your Python script:

from myapp.models import MyModel

Step 2: Access the Model Object: Retrieve the model object you want to convert into a dictionary. You can fetch the object using a query or any other method.

my_object = MyModel.objects.get(id=1)  # Replace with your own retrieval logic

Step 3: Create a Dictionary Comprehension: Use a dictionary comprehension to iterate through the model object’s fields and their values:

# Convert the model object into a dictionary
my_dict = { getattr(my_object, for field in my_object._meta.fields}

This code will create a dictionary (my_dict) where the keys represent field names, and the values are the corresponding field values from the model object.

Using model_to_dict from django.forms.models

Django provides a convenient utility called model_to_dict for converting model objects to dictionaries, allowing you to specify which fields you want to include.

Step 1: Import model_to_dict: Import model_to_dict from django.forms.models:

from django.forms.models import model_to_dict

Step 2: Convert the Model Object: Convert the model object to a dictionary using model_to_dict:

my_object = MyModel.objects.get(id=1)  # Replace with your own retrieval logic
my_dict = model_to_dict(my_object, fields=[ for field in my_object._meta.fields])

The fields argument allows you to specify which fields you want to include in the dictionary.

Using values() Method

The values() method in a QuerySet can also be used to convert model objects into dictionaries with specific fields.

my_object = MyModel.objects.get(id=1)  # Replace with your own retrieval logic
my_dict = my_object.values().first()

The values() method returns a QuerySet of dictionaries, and you can use .first() to retrieve the first dictionary, which corresponds to your model object.


Converting Django model objects to dictionaries with all fields intact is an common task in web development. By using dictionary comprehension model_to_dict, or the values() method, you can easily accomplish this task while retaining the data integrity of your model’s fields. this is especially useful when you need to work with data in a format that is more flexible or suitable for various operations in your Django application.