Python Cheatsheet

Explore this comprehensive Python cheatsheet covering essential syntax, data structures, file handling, and object-oriented programming. Learn the fundamentals of Python programming with examples and quick references for both beginners and experienced developers. Download Cheatsheet Basics Comments Variables Data Types Basic Input/Output String Manipulation Lists Tuples Dictionaries Conditions Loops Functions Advanced Data Structures Sets List Comprehension … Read more

Golang Programming Cheatsheet

Learn Golang with this comprehensive cheat sheet covering essential topics from getting started to advanced concepts. Explore variables, control flow, functions, packages, concurrency, error handling, and more, accompanied by concise code snippets for quick reference. Master the fundamentals of Golang programming with this handy guide. Download Cheatsheet Introduction Go (or Golang) is an open-source programming … Read more

Resolving Django Migration Errors from Triggers

Django Web Framework Tutorials

This frustrating error blocks you from executing schema changes on a table that has triggers enabled. In this post, we’ll explore why this error occurs and how to resolve it. When running migrations in Django, you may encounter an error like: Understanding Django Migration Errors First, let’s review what’s happening when you get this error. … Read more

Applying Django Database Migrations with Docker Compose

Django Web Framework Tutorials

When developing Django applications using Docker Compose for the local environment, managing database changes can require some special handling. In particular, applying Django migrations within the Docker-Composed environment requires coordination between the app container and the database container. Here is an overview of why this extra coordination is needed and some best practices for streamlining … Read more

Referencing Django Settings in

Django Web Framework Tutorials

When building a Django application, you may need to reference configuration variables from in other parts of your code. One common place is in, where you define your database models. Accessing settings allows you to parameterize aspects of your models. For example, you can define the default database or control auto-created fields like … Read more

Restricting Model Add Actions in Django Admin

Django Web Framework Tutorials

The Django admin interface provides a convenient way to manage database content by automatically generating interfaces to create, view, edit, and delete records. By default, the admin allows all database operations on all models. However, in some cases, you may want to restrict the ability to add new records for certain models. Why Restrict Add … Read more