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Welcome to Django Tutorial for beginners and experts, an approach to learning web-development with Django Web Framework. In this tutorial, you will be progressively building more advanced and complex web applications and API’s. This tutorial will help you to get deep knowledge of Django Framework and Python Programming Language. You will be becoming an expert to make your own custom model, email integration in Django, foreign keys, authorization, permissions, middleware, templates, forms, views, and much more stuff. You will be also learning Django ORM to play with Database like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL with even no knowledge of SQL queries.

By the end of this tutorial, you should feel confident creating your own Django Projects from scratch and even start your own startup and personal projects.

How To Upload and Download Files in Django

Django REST Framework is a robust and flexible toolkit for building Web APIs. Django allows the user to work at their own ease. In Django a user can create a table and make changes in that table even without writing a single SQL Query, isn’t it amazing? In this blog we will learn another interesting… Continue Reading »

Render HTML as-you-type with Django and AJAX

What exactly are we going to do? In this tutorial, we’ll be building a simple text editor-like application that renders the text as-you-type with Django and AJAX. This will be able to trigger the HTML tags and render them alongside (Words between <h1> and </h1> tags would be bold and large, Words between <i> and… Continue Reading »

Migrate data from SQlite to PostgreSQL in Django

SQlite is a quick and and easy way to start with. As it has nothing to configure. We simply can use it in our Django projects. But, as the project gets bigger, we understand the necessity to move a standard databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL. But we have some data in our database right? If… Continue Reading »

How to Generate a QR Code in Django

In this blog tutorial, we will learn how to generate QR code in Django for any input provided. Step 1: SETUP We need to have the following libraries installed for this project: Django image qrcode The platform we will be using here is PyCharm. The first step is to start the project. Let’s name it… Continue Reading »

How to build a URL Shortener with Django

In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to build a URL shortener with Django. The URL shortener gives a shortened link for any webpage and on visiting that link you will be redirected to the original webpage. Set up your Django project: Firstly to create a Django project, we need to have Django installed in our… Continue Reading »