Learn how to build a Customer relationship management (CRM)  application using Python/Django for your company. It is an easy and simple tutorial explained using practical videos. We are building CRM for Contact Management System where we can add contacts, companies, users administration, etc.

Django Python HTMLPy Tutorial

This tutorial will take you to step by step procedure for build Contact Management Django CRM Project. This tutorial using is creating using our Youtube Video Tutorial- Django CRM Tutorial. Also find the code on github.

Let’s get started.

1. Best practice for Django Project Working Directory Structure

How to initiate the Django CRM Project. How to structure Structure Django Project Directories and Files. Learn Django structure best practice for the Django project structure 2019. Django is a web framework that has lots of files and folders inside it. A proper project organizing can help in keeping the project DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and clean. Organizing a project is a must for every developer. This also helps the administrators and developers to find the proper path of files and folder. Best Practice to Structure Django Project Directories and Files. Django directory structure best practices.

2. Best Practice: Configure and Optimize Setting.py File in Django

How to do Optimize and Configure Settings.py File in Django CRM Application.

3. How to use / Integrate Bootstrap 4 Template in Django

Learn how to use HTML Template in Django. In this Django bootstrap 4 tutorial, you will learn how to use HTML Template in Django. You will learn how to change your template path from settings. Here, you’ll also learn how to use static and media content in your template and how to integrate it. You will also learn how to organize your templates and optimally use them without repeating your code.

4. How to Create Home Page In Django Project

Learn how to create a homepage for your Django project.

5. Extending the User model using One-To-One Relationship – Django

How to create a user database using one to one link. In this tutorial, I will show you different strategies you can use to extend the Django User Model. Nothing to worry about, you don’t have to do everything from scratch.

6. How to use Bootstrap Forms in Django – Crispy Forms

How to create and use HTML Forms in Django. Learn Django crispy forms bootstrap 4 ( how to use crispy forms in django ). Django crispy forms tutorial. Integrating Bootstrap Form with Django is very easy and simple. There are lots of Django Libraries for Bootstrap. In this tutorial, we are going to use django-crispy-forms for Bootstrap Form in Django. Crispy-Forms is a great package that gives good control over rendering Bootstrap form in your Django Project.

7. How to Create Sign Up Registration View in Django

How to create Sign Up or Registration Form in Django for User Registration. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create ( Django signup view)Sign Up or Registration Form in Django for User Registration. We will be using UserCreationForm which is an in-built form for User Registration. User Sign Up can be created by the third person or by self. Both strategics can be achieved by this tutorial. You can get the working application of this tutorial on GitHub.

8. Built-In Login and Logout Authentication System in Django

How to create a Login Logout System using Built-in Authentication.

9. Built-In Change Password and Reset Password in Django

How to use Change Password and Reset or Forgot Password Functionality in Django. In this short tutorial, I will explain how to use Change Password and Reset or Forgot Password Functionality in Django. The process for Password Reset involves sending emails. For that matter, we are going to use console email backend and check if everything is functioning. Follow this tutorial how to send email using SMTP Email Service.

10. User Profile Update Display View with Image Upload in Django

How to create a Profile Update System with User Image Upload for your Django Project.

11. How to Display Alert/Notification/Flash Message in Django – Message Framework

How to show you alert messages, flash messages and notifications of form submit success.

12. Date Time Picker and Phone Mask for Form Field – Django JQuery

How to add Date time Picker UI and Phone mask on Django Form Fields.

13. How to Add Social Login to Django – Facebook

Learn How to Add Social Login Register using Facebook, Github, Twitter in Django Project using social-auth-app-django library. Learn Django Social Auth ( django social network tutorial ). How to implement Django FacebookTwitter and GitHub Login authentication using the social-auth-app-django library in Django. Python social-auth-app-django is easy to set up social authentication/registration mechanism with support for several frameworks and auth providers. You can create social login using social-auth-app-django for Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google, Tumblr, etcs.