Free Hosting Server For Website Project

Are you looking for Free Web Hosting for your Web Application Projects? And your answer is YES. Then this article is for you, where you will learn to host website for completely free. Using this tutorial, you will learn to host web app made in Django, Flask, GoLang, React, NodeJS, Docker, PHP, WordPress, etc. You… Continue Reading »

Creating a Resume ChatBot using Chatterbot and Flask.

What is ChatBot? A chatbot is a computer program that simulates a conversation between a human user and a computer. It can act as a virtual assistant to customers of the business website. Basically, a chatbot is a computer program specifically trained for imitating the way humans converse about a particular topic. Using Chatbot we… Continue Reading »

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration With Django

In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how tointegrate ‘Stripe Payment Gateway’ into our django project. Stripe payment gateway will facilitate one time payment on our django website. Here in this tutorial, we will see how to integrate a payment gateway using the Stripe API in your Django Project. The finished code for this tutorial can be… Continue Reading »

Django Razorpay Payment Gateway Integration Tutorial


Here in this tutorial, we will see how to integrate a payment gateway using the Razorpay API in your Django Project. The finished code for this tutorial can be found here(Github). We also made a video on this- Also if you want to check a tutorial on Paypal’s integration, we have a blog on that… Continue Reading »

Multitasking In Django: Celery

Adding the ability of Multitasking in Django/Python app can improve its efficiency by several times as it frees up the CPU to perform other operations. The process to achieve this is made very simple by using Celery. It is perfect for performing backend tasks. While continuing on with the visible processes to better engage one’s… Continue Reading »

Add reCAPTCHA In Your Django App: Increase Security

Add a reCAPTCHA to your Django App to increase the security. reCAPTCHA is free Google service. It increases the web apps security against bots and spams. The process of entering information on website can very easily automated the same however is not the case for reCATCHA as it requires the mouse click at a specific… Continue Reading »

How to Use Chart.js with Django

Learn how to effectively render data on a Web App by creating charts in Django Web App. Adding beautiful charts onto you web app increases it’s readability and user friendliness. Render large database into any type of graph or chart greatly enhancing its readability by employing charts on to your web app. This can very… Continue Reading »

Easy REST Authorization:Django JSON Web Token

JSON Web Token better known as JWT is a JavaScript based system to provide encryption and authorization for any Web App using JavaScript or any of its Frameworks like NodeJS. The following article explains how JWT works along with a basic tutorial explaining its integration with Django Rest Framework. How JWT works? JWT is a… Continue Reading »